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#AskJulie: Dressing For Success

#AskJulie: Dressing For Success

#AskJulie: Dressing For Success

Dear Julie,

I’m going on my first date and I’m a bit confused how to dress since I want to look good. My style can be a bit eclectic and I prefer platforms to flats and little to no make-up…Is there a ‘right’ way to look for a first date to insure the focus isn’t on my fashion sense or lack thereof?

Dressing For Success

Dear Dressing for Success,

Firstly, think positive! They way we dress is a reflection of whom we are so don’t start compromising on your first date or questioning your fashion sense…there is no right or wrong way to dress.

That said, I’m not suggesting you wear your most outrageous outfit nor that retro crochet hat you bought at the flea-market but you definitely should wear an outfit that reflects you! And that goes for you gents listening as well! Leave your fave Kiss T-shirt home or under a polo!

And, yes put a little make-up on after all we’re not 21 anymore and though beauty is skin deep it’s your first encounter so first impressions count! Plus haven’t you often noticed that as you get to know someone they can become more attractive? So stack the deck a bit now and shed the shadow later!

Ok and let’s turn the tables: what if he shows up in Birkenstock sandles, ripped jeans and a Hawaiian shirt…you gonna run? I doubt it…you might say OMG under your breath but clothing doesn’t make the man nor woman and if it does you’re focusing on the wrong thing. So nstead of looking for Mr. Right go to the flea market this weekend and buy yourself a new pair of platforms to keep you company.

The key to your success will be how you interact, connect and feel when the date ends and if you want to see one another again not if he or ye is a fashionista.



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