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#AskJulie: I'm getting no replies...Help!

#AskJulie: I'm getting no replies...Help!

#AskJulie: I'm getting no replies...Help!

Dear Julie,

I’ve been sending multiple messages to matches that I thought were good prospects but none of them have responded. Am I doing something wrong?

Coming Up Empty

Dear Coming Up Empty,

I feel your pain! We’ve all been through it: you write your profile, put up photos you think capture the best in you. You think you’re rocking it and your friends and family tell you that whomever meets you is lucky! And they will be…but you need to put this in perspective and into a less emotional light which I know isn’t easy but necessary.

Here’s my advice: Think of on-line dating like applying for a job. You have to ‘sell yourself’ via your profile –think of it as a personal CV and that you need to send it out to as many ‘companies’ –in this case potential matches- whom are seeking people like you and hope they see how amazing a person you are!

You have to be patient, tenacious and stay positive. You also need to be realistic and perhaps take a look or have a friend or family member take an objective gander at what you’re putting out there cause truth is we aren’t the best person to be objective about ourselves and you may be overlooking some key things in your ‘CV’ that you need to fill in.

Lastly, photos are key so take at look at yours and be sure you’re smiling, haven’t cut someone out (which begs the question why and whom!) and a pix of you in jeans and a tee as well as showing some gams or at least those sexy stilletos!



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