Online Dating Etiquette For The Over 50s

When you?ve found the best over 50 dating site to suit your needs, and you’ve created a profile, now you want to get chatting! Here are four tips to ensure that you know how to navigate the exciting world of online dating.

1. Don’t be generic

Time and time again, surveys show that generic greetings such as ‘hi’ or ‘hey’ tend to put users of online dating sites off. It’s easy to see why: they don’t engage with the user personally and are pretty non committal and lazy. A well thought out introductory message will always go down much better.

2. Do be honest

You shouldn’t give out too many personal details about yourself on dating sites for seniors, or anywhere, for that matter. If someone expects you to hand over your bank details, passport number and national insurance number you ought to be highly suspicious! But, when you are chatting to other users, honest is the best policy. That momentary rush you may get from pretending that you are a multi billionaire or the author of a best selling novel will only end up turning things sour. Be yourself: after all, you’re an amazing person! Let other users get to know you for who you are. Authenticity and genuineness are very appealing characteristics, and your dates will really warm to you when they finally meet you in person and see that you are exactly who you said you were.

3. Do be polite

You wouldn’t accost a random stranger in the street and start insulting them, so why do it online. If another user has said they aren’t interested in chatting to you, graciously and respectfully wish them well and leave them alone. Politeness and kindness go a long way. Show interest in the other person, and make sure that you are spending at least as much time (if not more) asking them as many open questions as you are spending talking about your own interests.

4. Do spell check your messages!

It’s official: poor spelling and grammar are a real turn off. A huge survey of dating sites last year in Australia found that users were unlikely to respond to a message from a potential suitor if it was poorly spelled. Slapdash spelling makes your message look hurried and thoughtless, whilst carefully constructed sentences demonstrate that you have devoted your time to communicating with other users. Use an online a spell checker if you need to, and experiment with drafting your messages as a word document before cutting and pasting them.

Good luck with your dating adventures!

These four ‘Dos’ and one ‘Don’t’ of online dating for the over 50s will help you to chat delightfully with other singletons online. Whether you are seeking friendship or love, a hot date or someone to hold your hand in a local gallery, ensuring that you maintain good online dating etiquette will demonstrate that you are a kind, considerate person to be with in real life.