10 Heart-Warming Mature Online Dating Success Stories

With online dating, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the end goal – finding that special person to satisfy what you’re looking for. You may have figured out by now that online dating takes a little sprinkle of dedication, a pinch of hard work, and a heaped teaspoon of open-mindedness. As these Dating Experts show below, there are wonderful examples of online dating success stories. Yours could be the next one, so keep going, you’re doing great!

”I met an adorable couple the other day. They met online. They were skeptical at first, but decided to try it out. It did not take long after their first date that they realised there was something very special between them. They married not long after. It’s always wonderful to see couples flourishing and happy.”

Melanie Mills

”I met the love of my life, my muse and the inspiration for my new book, ‘The Resurrection of Romance’ online. We both worked for an internet company and I led online groups. I communicated with her online only for almost a year before we met and fell in love. We treated the meetings like a date and shared our hopes and dreams and likes and dislikes online for the entire year before we were ready to meet face to face.”

Matthew Anderson

”A woman who is 59 years old wasn’t having much luck online. After working with me to fix her profile and photos, she quickly met a man 7 years younger than her who she likes very much. It looks very promising.”


”I saw two people who live long distance meet online, set up travel schedules for meet up, discover their compatibility and eventually get married.”

Kemi Sogunle

”I have a client now who had a pattern of either getting stuck in months of online banter with no real life dates or a string of first dates with no follow up. After looking at her selection process and setting a clear picture of what she values the most in a relationship, she is now dating actively and enjoying the process.”

Esther Boykin

”My favorite success story of over 50 online dating is my story. When I first started the process, I was amazed at how stressful it was. Being a therapist and particularly one trained in dance therapy, I knew I needed exercises to help me stick with it. I was able to use my exercises to be more playful in the process and had a delightful time connecting with many people, particularly the man who became my partner. He and I, along with a long-time online-dating friend, put the exercises into a book/workbook for online daters Naked Online: A DoZen Ways to Grow from Internet Dating.”

Dee Wagner

”A single mum of two boys in her 50’s has had 2 marriages with two men end and still found true love with online dating. Went on a local and an international dating site and invested 6 months to see if she can find love again. She decided to get back in shape..so she joined a gym…started going out on “virtual on-line dates” and regular dates..though with two boys…..5 and 12….it was harder to get out of the house than to go on virtual dates via Skype. So after 3 months online, she met and virtually dated one man while going on “physical dates” with a second man she also met online.”

Milan Botica

”It’s my own! I met my husband that way! We were both 43.”

Adrienne Gusoff

”The story of Lilly and Carl. Lilly, a 55-year-old woman, had divorced at 50, but was now ready to find love. Carl had lost his wife to cancer ten years ago and now, at 60, wanted to move forward into a new relationship. Lilly’s divorce had left her heartbroken and alone. She longed for companionship and affection. Carl mourned his wife, Susan for years. When she was diagnosed, they were planning for their golden years and rekindling their connection after raising a family. Carl’s loss was devastating and he believed he’d never find another life partner. Carl decided, at the urging of his children, to try online senior dating. Lilly and Carl began their correspondence slowly. After all, they were both uncertain of the whole idea. They exchanged messages for a couple of months and then decided it was time to take the next step. A coffee date. When Lilly and Carl arrived, the conversation was lighthearted and easy. They each noticed how they had missed these moments of sharing and of laughter. That day, Lilly and Carl’s future as a couple began and they are still in love and enjoying life with one another.”

Anita Martin