Are You Guilty Of The 8 Most Common Online Dating Mistakes?

Are you making these online dating mistakes without even knowing it? Take note of these insider tips so you don’t jeopardise your chances of finding love before you’ve even really started…

Mistake #1: Shying away from the process or settling for less

Are you shy or scared of getting hurt? Both common reasons to not start online dating at all, it’s also a bad idea to play it safe and settle for less just because you’re afraid of being left on the shelf.

Pro tip: Take some risks, get out of your comfort zone and have some fun – you’ll be glad you did!

Mistake #2: Writing a sub-standard profile

The more effort you put in, the more success you’ll get out of online dating, so be bold, you’ve really got to sell yourself. Including generic facts about yourself is not going to get the attention you deserve.

Pro tip: Take the time to write a meaningful profile – try our profile writing tool. You will attract so many more people.

Mistake #3: Lying

Just don’t lie – be you. Pretending you’re younger, slimmer or taller will backfire, trust me!

Pro tip: Be confident in who you are, and be proud of your true representation on your dating profile. Try these online dating tips for girls.

Mistake #4: Expecting too much too soon

Finding Mr or Mrs Right requires time and energy. If you don’t find someone you like quickly, there’s a tendency to get frustrated and a bit depressed. It’s easy to walk away from the process after a setback, but it’s all about managing expectations so you’re not disappointed.

Pro tip: Understand that the dating process will take time, sometimes up to a year, so be patient and strong.

Mistake #5: Not giving someone a chance

Not giving people as much of a chance as you would in real life can be the biggest blocker to finding what and who you’re looking for. So they’re a couple of inches shorter than you look for, they’re bald but you prefer a full head of hair. You know what… none of this really matters – no one is perfect – meet and give them a shot. What’s the worst that can happen?

Mistake #6: Being superficial

Things like looks, height and income are important, but they shouldn’t be deal-breaker/makers without considering a person’s true qualities.

Pro tip: in addition to what you are looking for in a partner, make sure you find out what they are looking for, too. Make sure you fit their criteria enough so that you don’t waste your time with a message that won’t get a response.

Mistake #7: Trusting too soon

Trusting or committing too soon without getting to know your love interest can lead to heartache. Unfortunately, there are a handful of deceitful people out there, so keep your guard up for a little while longer when meeting people online.

Pro tip: Don’t rush in – take your time whilst getting to know someone.

Mistake #8: Quitting

The biggest mistake is writing off online dating after one instance of rejection or lack of matches. Online dating does take a while to get your head around, but you will find the success you’re looking for if you give the process the time it needs to work for you.

Pro tip: If your goal is to find quality matches then you need to invest the appropriate time and energy necessary to achieve your dating goals.