The Joys of Rediscovering Dating

The act of courtship is as old as humanity itself. When we were young, we all experienced the exhilaration and the nervousness that came when we started dating. While the fun and thrill of dating never really faded, most of us eventually settled down and either got married or entered into another form of committed relationship. While for a great number of people this part of their lives is a true “till death do us part” moment, for over 45 percent of the population that is not the case.

That means that nearly half of us will ? at some stage ? have to consider rediscovering dating. Whether you are divorced, widowed, or if you simply decided to wait to settle down, dating when you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond is not abnormal. As a matter of fact, there is an ever-growing number of dating and hookup websites that focus exclusively on middle-aged individuals and seniors.

Dating sites offer an excellent platform to find a long-term partner. They provide a path to finding a soul mate ? someone with whom you share passions, aspirations, and values. Hookup websites ? although very similar in de-sign and function ? offer you a different set of opportunities.

Hookup sites are focused more toward helping people find casual relationships. These can include everything from no-strings-attached relationships, mutually beneficial relationships, discreet affairs, to one night stands.

This dichotomy of online dating options is not exclusive to the younger demographic. Those who are 40+ have the same opportunity to find something serious or something casual. This brings a set of opportunities that people in those age brackets did not have just two decades ago. In ever-increasing numbers, the middle-aged and seniors are reimmersing themselves in the joys of dating. This is a good thing ? it brings with it many positive outcomes.

Gives You a Chance to Move On

When you come out of a long-term relationship that failed, it is not uncommon to linger in the past. You will feel legitimately heartbroken and disappointed. You almost certainly will go through a phase where you begin to assign blame to yourself for the failure of the relationship. This can lead to extended periods of depression. By rediscover-ing dating and meeting new people you will be able to move on with your life. You will be able to escape the stag-nation and loneliness that often accompany divorces and other separations.

Enjoy the Freedom You Missed Out Before

Let’s be honest, many of us entered into a committed relationship at a stage in our lives earlier than we should have. As a consequence, many of us may feel like we missed out on the enjoyment and thrill that comes from the single lifestyle. Of course, being single does not mean being alone ? much less celibate.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out like-minded adults for casual fun and thrills. Hookup websites are excel-lent for this and provide the perfect atmosphere. You avoid the awkwardness of trying to guess whether the other person is seeking something serious or something casual. On a hookup website, everyone is on the same page. When the hookup site focuses on those 40+ and seniors, even better. That eliminates the other potentially awkward issue of feeling out of place by being on a site full of twenty-somethings. It is easier to feel free and uninhibited when you are part of a community of people belonging to the same generation.

Explore New Horizons

Whether you seek out a long-term or casual relationship, getting back into the dating scene will offer you an oppor-tunity to meet new people. While some may prefer to meet people interested in the same things they are, some would also enjoy and benefit from meeting people outside of their usual scope or routine.

When you were younger, you may have had curiosities and interests in areas that you had to set aside when you entered into your committed relationship. Being single again opens up the opportunity to meet people that are inter-ested in those areas that you had left behind. Dating and hookup websites geared toward an older audience are filled with individuals actively seeking to share their life experience with others who express a genuine interest in their passions.

Doesn’t Have to Be Physical to Be Fun

Rediscovering dating at an older age does not forcibly imply that you must enter into a sexual relationship. It is possible to meet people who are interested in establishing platonic friendships. If you are not ready to get physical, online dating can still provide you with a wealth of opportunities to move forward with your life and have fun.

Feel Younger

No matter if you are 45 or 75, there is something about dating that makes you feel young again. The act of looking forward to something, of getting dressed for a special occasion ? these actions all add a sense of purpose to your life. In other words, a sense of excitement. That, in turn, releases endorphins and other naturally occurring biochem-icals into your system that will make you feel giddy again ? like you did when you were younger.

Dating will get you out of the house, it will get you moving again. This alone is good for the mind and body. Think of it as an entertaining method of ancillary exercise.

Older, Wiser and Happier

The saying, “the older you are, the wiser you get,” should be modified by adding the word “happier” to it. That is what happens when as an older person you rediscover the joys of dating. Not only will it help you to find someone with whom to mutually enjoy each other’s company, but it will also make you feel young, reinfused with purpose, with a new sense of discovery.

Of course, in order to accomplish this, you must take an active role. Dating and hookup websites will help you in that regard. Simply sitting around, harkening on the past, waddling in self-imposed exile will not serve you or those who care about you any purpose. You owe it to yourself to get back out there and enjoy life.